4. European Inner Dance Festival!

Inner Dancers from all over Europe come together for a special event.  Bonding, synergy and learning from each other.


Join us 2020 in the biggest Ashram outside of India

in Horn-Bad Meinberg in Germany. 


Inner Dance Sessions - workshops for facilitators - trance healing sessions - additional workshops - bonding - synergy

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The 4. european Inner Dance Festival will take place 2020 in the biggest Ashram outside of India in Germany.  The Seminarhaus Shanti is located in west Germany close to Düsseldorf, Cologne, Paderborn or Hannover airport in Horn-Bad Meinberg. This Ashram is very close to a mystical healing place for centuries surrounded by forests.

Shanti Yoga Ashram

Beautiful and easy to arrive in the center of Europe. 

Inner Dance Sessions

Every day we will heal each other in the Inner Dance

Learning from each other

Using the synergy to learn from each other in workshops and healing sessions

New perspectives

Creating newperspectives and cooperations

Our story

Since the Inner Dance is flourishing more and more in different European countries, many gifted facilitators all over Europe hold the space for even more people on their way of self-healing.

Once per year we all come together for a healing experience and future forming gathering. Daily Inner Dance Sessions help us to heal each other. Different workshops help us to learn from each other. We use the synergy of this festival to co-create perspectives for the Inner Dance in Europe.

We started in 2017 with about 10 people. In the last 2 years we are growing. So 2019 we were already 45 people. 

On this 4. European Inner Dance Festival facilitators, starters or interested people are welcome to join. Only for a price of max. 180€ you can experience this 4 days and 3 nights retreat festival in a 4 bed shared room. Accommodation and 3 meals per day included.  The Ashram provides an amazing healing atmosphere with daily yoga sessions, a swimming pool, sauna, massage therapy and  great nature. Don't miss it!

Impressions of the festival 2019 in Germany

Impressions of the festival 2017 and 2018 in Switzerland

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